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Learning and Career

Students' Learning and Career

Graduates of our program can be professional nannies, preschools’ educare givers, teachers, directors, consultants or researchers in early childhood settings.

Public and private preschool educators

Child-care givers (home babysitters/nursery center child-care givers)

Professional personnel for children’s cultural and education institutes

R&D personnel for teaching materials and tools

Talent and skill teacher in cram schools

Children’s English teacher

Day Care Center teachers

Summer Camp teachers/planning personnel

Public and private preschool administrators(the Head/Dean/ R&D personnel)

Oversea Children’s Chinese Teacher(Ex: Europe and America, Singapore, and Southeastern Asia)

Entrepreneur(Ex: Preschool, Day Care Center, Nursery center, Cultural & Educational Institute

Examinations for civil service or further study(Ex: civil service examination, entrance examination for graduate schools, and studying abroad)