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Highlights of Early Childhood Education Department

Teacher Development Strengthening/ Local Community Cultivation

International Mobility/ Professional Creativity

Teacher Development Strengthening

enhancing early childhood profession; practical teaching ability, and multiple specialty

  Solid children’s intern curriculum            Infant & young children’s

         caregiver training

    Cooperation with Professional              Famous experts’ lectures

          development schools 

Local Cummunity Cultivation

Caring local community; Serving in remote township; tutoring disadvantaged children; Serving community

Mentor Hakka immersion                   Aboriginal’s parent-child 

     teaching programs                          co-reading program

     Service learning for                      Counsel remote school 

 Special children program                 &disadvantaged children

International Mobility

Exploring culture; obtaining jobs internationally; promoting academic exchange, and expanding international vision

      Overseas Chinese teaching             Academic exchange between 

    Taiwan and China

  International conference            International scholars’ workshops

Professional Creativity

Promoting potential; Stimulating creativity; Laying foundation of research; Exerting career potential

     Little Papaya Story Theater             Curriculum & teaching tool R&D

  Children’s teaching material R&D       Research & industry-university

      cooperative research project